Video wedding in Tuscany

We had the honor and the pleasure of filming this video wedding Tuscany. A beautiful couple of foreign spouses who chose to celebrate their wedding in Tuscany. Because Tuscany is one of the most beautiful places in the world to celebrate destination wedding in Italy. Tuscany is a very suggestive place to film destination wedding video in Italy. These couple of foreign spouses chose to prepare themselves in the beautiful city of Florence. Florence is in the heart of Tuscany. We were called to be wedding videographers in Tuscany.

We were honored to filmed this wonderful video wedding Tuscany. Furthermore we are very happy when we are called to be wedding videographers in Tuscany. Furthermore filming a video wedding Tuscany. Because light and colors are amazing in Tuscany. The ceremony took place in the famous castle of Vincigliata. The castle of Vincigliata is one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany to marry. Reception and dinner were also held in the castle of Vincigliata. The aerial images with drone capture the beauty of the Vincigliata castle and surrounding Tuscany landscape.

Aerial video with drone can not miss in every video wedding Tuscany. Filming a video wedding in Tuscany always gives great emotions. Particularly filming video wedding Tuscany is always very exciting. Italy is one of the most favorite destinations of foreign spouses. Furthermore one of the most popular places in Italy to marry is Tuscany. In particular the city of Florence. The wedding videos in Tuscany are appreciated all over the world. We are the best wedding videographers in Tuscany. Probably we are the best wedding videographer in Italy.