Wedding video in Florence Tuscany

Enjoy this wedding video Florence in Tuscany. Our destination wedding videographer in Tuscany filmed a stunning destination wedding video in Tuscany. We filmed this young newlyweds really beautiful and elegant. They married in this wedding video Florence in Tuscany. Furthermore to set their wedding video Florence in Tuscany, they chose the city of Florence and the Vincigliata castle. All directed and organized by the sparkling wedding planner Rossana Sapori of The Knot in Italy. The Knot in Italy is a wedding planner agency based in Tuscany. On the morning of the wedding, the bride and groom are prepared in one of the most charming hotels in the city of Florence.

Most noteworthy the hotel Villa La Vedetta. In addition very close to centre of Florence. Villa la Vedetta is a hotel that overlooks the city of Florence. In addition with a beautiful pool and a very large terrace. It can host small to medium sized weddings. For the ceremony was chosen a church in central Florence. Because easily accessible by car. Especially relevant the reception took place in the marvelous castle of Vincigliata. Furthermore it is in the heart of the Tuscany. Even the vintage cars have played a dominant role in this wedding video Florence in Tuscany. The Fiat 500 parked on the terrace of Villa la Vedetta were something unique. Maybe one of the most famous castle in Tuscany is the Vincigliata castle.

The Vincigliata castle is surrounded by greenery. And an ideal place to set your wedding video in Tuscany. Furthermore our videographers are able to film the extraordinary images of this wedding at Vincigliata castle. The wedding video at Vincigliata castle always have a different taste and different flavor. The wedding dinner at the wedding party were held in the Vincigliata castle courtyard. Especially relevant the filmed images with drone helped make this wedding video in Tuscany very special. In conclusion Cristiano Ostinelli’s Studio photographed this wedding video in Tuscany. For us videographers it is always a pleasure to film wedding video in Tuscany. Because the video wedding in Tuscany have a different taste and different flavor.