Do you have the Film of your Wedding Day? Don’t give it up, Here’s why.

You are planning the most important day of your life. There are countless things you need to book and organize for your wedding day. Once the marriage proposal has been made or received and the date of the wedding has been chosen, a long list of things to do begins, so as to see the marriage carried out. You have to choose the location, you have to do the menu test to book the catering. The list of guests has to be drawn up. In most cases there will be a wedding planner to assist you during all these steps.
Decorations, flowers, audio and lighting services will be the next decisions to be made. At this point in most cases the couples decide that it is time to book the photographer for their wedding. There are those who rely on the advice of the wedding planner, there are those who surf the internet looking for the favorite photographer or those who rely solely on word of mouth, relying on the advice of friends and relatives.
Very often, booking the photographer six months before the wedding is already too late. The best photographers, and therefore the most requested ones, are booked at least one year before the date set for the wedding. But this article of our blog does not want to explain to you anything you do not already know or cannot find written in other magazines and blogs regarding the choice of photographer. This post wants to reveal a secret that will save you a great regret. As we always say to our customers: a photograph will remind you of a moment, the video will make it live again.

Unfortunately the thought that photographs of marriage are more than enough to remember the most important day of your life is widespread. You’re wrong. Another common thought is that wedding video is long and boring. Difficult to file and review. Nothing could be more false and wrong.
Today the wedding videography industry has evolved a lot. The techniques of the film industry are also used in marriage film. That’s why wedding videos today are real movies. Don’t underestimate the importance of hearing the original sound of your marriage vows. Don’t underestimate the importance of being able to review and hear again all the speeches that friends and relatives made that day. Wouldn’t you like to hear the music that was playing in the background of the fireworks display while cutting the cake? or the music played during your first dance? and the applause when you said “yes, I do” you don’t want to hear it again?

How much is the memory of all these wonderful moments worth? For us, being able to relive all those moments, is invaluable!

Photographers and videographers can work very well together. Without affecting anyone’s work. The videographer is like a photographer who holds a video camera instead of holding a camera.
The result will only surprise you. All our customers who trusted us for the realization of their wedding video remained more than enthusiastic.
The most frequent comment we receive is the following: “thank goodness that we did not give up the video of our marriage, we would have lost a priceless memory”.

Now we will tell you something that will seem obvious to you since we are wedding videographers, but I can assure you that if you listen to us you will eventually thank us. Photos and videos are not replaceable. They both serve for your wedding day. They are two completely different memories, but both fundamental.

Too often our customers come to ask us for availability in a few months, sometimes even a few days, from the wedding and with great regret we can only thank and decline the request because we are already employed despite our studio being able to follow up to three marriages simultaneously.
Too often the laggard spouses tell us “we have a little budget left and then we decided to book the video service for our wedding too”. If you think the problem is the budget remember this thing: with how many flowers you covered the ceremony, or if the centerpieces were 40 centimeters high instead of 60 centimeters, or if the moving heads that lit up your dance floor were ten instead of 20, or if you took the veil instead of 3 meters from 2 meters, nobody will notice.

But above all, whatever you have chosen for your wedding, what is the sense of choosing something with love and care if you have no way of remembering what you have achieved?
The atmosphere, the sounds, the voices, the tangible emotions, will only let you remember the video of your wedding.

So are you really sure you want to give up your wedding video?
Don’t let regret catch you when it’s too late! Write to us and ask for availability and prices. It will be a great pleasure for us to answer you, and if you will allow us, to make the video of the most important day of your lives.