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Wedding Video Gallery

In this wedding video gallery you will find some of our best cinematographic wedding videography works. All filmed in Italy and around the world. Hence we have chosen to group them into four categories. Wedding video on Lake Como where we work very frequently. Especially where we stand out for our suggestive aerial video footage with our drones. Even more we have become very famous on Lake Como for our cinematic aerial video footage with drone. For the reason that what married couples love to do is to run fast aboard powerful motor boats on Lake Como. So we are there to film them with our fast drones.

Wedding video in Tuscany where we love to immortalize married couples kissed by the warm light of the Tuscan sun. Tuscany is a popular wedding destination for the majesty of its villas and castles and the elegance of its vine hills. While in the wedding video in Italy we have enclosed a selection of the most famous locations where we have been called to film weddings. Most destination weddings in Italy, in addition to Lake Como and Tuscany, are held in Piemont, in Rome, Apulia, as well as on the Amalfi Coast and Sicily.

Most noteworthy traveling the world does not scare us, on the contrary, we love to travel! That’s why we have a section dedicated to all weddings filmed around the world. From the United States to India, via Africa, we have traveled much of the globe to film wedding video all over the world. To see all our most recent wedding video visit our Vimeo channel or our YouTube channel. Over the years we have had the opportunity to film weddings in all the most famous locations in Italy. This is an advantage for our customers. Because we know how to move. We know the best views for the couple shooting. If we have never been to the location you have chosen for your wedding, don’t worry!