Video wedding Lake Lugano

If we had to describe this video wedding Lake Lugano in Switzerland, we would call it enchanting. We are very honoured to have been the wedding videographers chosen to film this wedding video on Lugano Lake. Full of charm in such beautiful place as Lake Lugano. It was such a pleasure to be in Switzerland doing what we most love to do. Especially relevant wedding videography. Talking about this enchanting wedding video. First of all it was charming. As it was not only because of the location. Most of all the joy and love that created. Such a great ambience to be and enjoy this beautiful moment.

Such a beautiful Swiss couple. As wedding videographers, we just have to admit that it is always great working in one of the most exciting day of other’s lives. Starting from the beginning of the event, the ceremony was incredibly elegant. The tradition of getting marry in a church is really amazing from our point of view. Especially relevant the fact that church building offer centuries of history. Besides that, they also offer outstanding beauty. This Swiss wedding ’s ceremony took place  in the beautiful church.

In Campione D’Italia. Overlooking the lake of Lugano. Right after the ceremony the reception was held at the Grand Hotel Castagnole in Lugano. This is one of the best wedding venues that exists on Lugano lake. One of our favorite’s moments in this video wedding Lake Lugano is the unmissable boat ride. We used our drone to capture this exciting moment and make beautiful takes in this wedding video. In conclusion enjoy the boat ride and our drone’s take taking a look at this video wedding Lugano Lake.