Wedding video Tuscany

Enjoy this stunning wedding video Tuscany. Our challenge as wedding videographers is to unite emotions, beauty, the events that happened. Therefore make a cinematic style of videography. Such as this wedding video Tuscany. Tuscany is one of the most romantic places in the world. It’s not a surprise why people from all over the world want to get married in such a beautiful place as Tuscany. We had so much fun filming this wedding video Tuscany. The first take of this wedding video starts with the newlyweds enjoying their vintage car. While entering this wedding’s beautiful location.

It was just the perfect fit to use our drone while they enjoyed this beautiful moment of their lives. The wedding location was Vincigliata Castle. Everything there is so perfect that everything just happened there. From bride’s preparation to the dining, the beautiful ceremony which occurred on sunset. The perfect light to make this wedding video at Vincigliata castle even more beautiful.  This wedding video in Tuscany occurred at Vincigliata Castle. A medieval Castle which stands on a rocky hill to the east of Fiesole in the Italian region of Tuscany.

In the mid-nineteenth century the building, which had fallen into a ruinous state, was acquired by an Englishman. He entirely reconstructed the Vincigliata Castle in the feudal style.  Our drone was used to make wonderful and cinematic takes of the castle. So in our cinematic style of videography is just a fit to empower the location and the couple’s love. In conclusion it was such an romantic day. We had the honor to be chosen as the wedding videographers in this wedding in Tuscany.