Wedding Video Portfolio

Explore our wedding video portfolio showcasing our finest cinematographic works, filmed both destination wedding in Italy and wedding across the globe. We’ve categorized them into four sections to offer a glimpse of our expertise. Our specialty lies in wedding video on Lake Como, where our frequent presence is marked by captivating aerial footage captured with our drones. Renowned for cinematic drone shots, we capture the thrill of couples speeding across Lake Como on powerful motorboats.

Immerse yourself in the romantic ambiance of Tuscany through our wedding video in Tuscany, where couples are bathed in the warm Tuscan sunlight. Tuscany, with its majestic villas, castles, and picturesque vine-covered hills, serves as an ideal backdrop for your destination wedding in Italy.

Our collection of wedding video in Italy showcases renowned locations, including Piemont, Rome, Apulia, the Amalfi Coast, and Sicily, reflecting the diverse destinations chosen by couples for their destination wedding in Italy. We remind you that for us traveling far and wide across Italy and the world is a pleasure and we do it while keeping expenses to a minimum to respect your budget.

For globetrotting couples, our passion for travel extends worldwide. From the United States to India, and across Africa, we’ve traversed the globe to film worldwide weddings. Check out our Vimeo or YouTube channels for our latest wedding video portfolio. With extensive experience in Italy’s iconic locations, we offer a unique advantage to our clients. Understanding the nuances of each setting and ensuring the best shots for the couple.